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Wildlife Rescue and Control Inc. serves all of Montgomery County, Clarksville, Tennessee with safe and humane animal removal and control services at the most affordable prices in town! As the 5th largest city in the state of Tennessee, we are home to vast, verdant landscapes, dense with native Middle Tennessee wildlife. Due to natural expansion and development, many of these wild animals are becoming more and more comfortable in urban and suburban areas. For this reason, animals like raccoons, bats, opossums, skunks, birds, squirrels, and more, are now an expanding nuisance. In order to get rid of raccoons and other common nuisance animals in Tennessee, you will need the qualified assistance of a Clarksville wildlife control company with real credentials.

Our TWRA Licensed Animal Trapping Specialists Can Help

Here at Wildlife Rescue and Control Inc., we have been a family owned and operated business since 1993, giving us more than 30 years of hands-on experience. We serve all of the Clarksville, Tennessee areas with residential and commercial wildlife removal and animal-proofing services at economy-based prices you can actually afford. In addition to wildlife removal and control, our experts provide full property inspections, free estimates, free advice, and comprehensive wildlife cleanup and restoration for animal damages. We can also provide homeowners’ insurance claim work if animal damages are covered under your policy.

As members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA), you can trust that we retain the latest technologies and resources in the field, and adhere to all local and federal laws that govern wildlife. Furthermore, we only use safe and humane methods to extract and exclude Tennessee wildlife species, so you feel confident that your property and loved ones are protected at all times. Contact us today at 931-266-4319 to speak with an experienced wildlife control specialist about your nuisance animal removal and abatement needs.


When animals trespass into areas of your property, or worse, inside your home, count on our TWRA licensed and insured wildlife control specialists to get rid of them, quickly. Whether you have a hundred bats in the attic, a few raccoons under the porch, or a bird in the chimney, we are fully-equipped to extract and relocate them without further disturbing the structural integrity of your property. We also offer 24 hour emergency animal removal services.

Animal Removal Services Clarksville Tennessee

Wild animals cannot be tamed, but they can be controlled with the right strategies and technologies. If nuisance animals are a problem around your property, trust our wildlife abatement specialists to implement the proper controls and environmental modifications to thwart their interest or access to your property. We can give you further advice to enhance the animal-proofing elements we’ve put into place, and continue to monitor the progress.

Animal Control Clarksville Tennessee

Wild animals are feral, which means they are not capable of being polite guests. When they infest your property, they will surely leave behind the evidence. Our experienced wildlife removal experts retain the proper resources and technologies to get your place back to the way it was before an animal infestation. Our methods are comprehensive, and include everything from pest mitigation and decontamination, to minor restorations for animal damages, and more.

Wildlife Cleanup Restoration Clarksville Tennessee

When your property is infested with wildlife, it will need more than just animal removal service. Animals are destructive in nature, and will ruin anything and everything in their path to creating a shelter in your space. If you suspect that your property is infested with nuisance wildlife, trust our animal abatement pros to both extract and cleanup after them. Best of all, we are homeowners’ insurance claim compatible, and work with a long list of carriers.

Insurance Claim Animal Removal Clarksville TN
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