Indianapolis Animal Removal Services

Indiana is home to thousands of wild animals, and although our states’ wildlife offers much to be admired, many can become a nuisance to our homes and properties. Wildlife Rescue and Control Inc. offers safe and effective solutions for residential and commercial properties afflicted by nuisance wild animal problems. From infestations and structural damage, to health concerns, costly repairs, and more, wild animals can cause a long list of problems for property owners. So it is strongly encouraged to address these issues as soon as possible, or before they can grow any larger.

Our licensed and insured wildlife control contractors have served the Central and Southern Indiana Hoosier communities for more than two decades, providing comprehensive animal removal services and wildlife cleanup for ALL Indiana wildlife species. We use safe and humane methods to extract and exclude wild animals; and then follow up by cleaning and disinfecting the areas that were damaged or occupied by them. Not only can we solve your wildlife problems, we can fix animal damages and restore your property back to its original state!

You can call 317-535-4605 and speak with a courteous and knowledgeable associate regarding Indianapolis animal removal services, anytime. We gladly offer free estimates, complimentary Do It Yourself advice, and answers to your wild animal removal questions. No matter which animal is giving you trouble, our trained wildlife control specialist can get rid of them at a price you can afford!

Wildlife Removal and Control Services We Offer:

*We Do Not Remove Waterfowl, Dogs, Cats, nor Injuredor Orphaned Animals.